Camp X

The Highest Altitude Training Camp in the World

Camp X

Nature’s Most Amazing Terrain

Camp X

Mystic Lanes to Ultimate Performance

Camp X

Train Hard in Paradise

Camp X

Enjoy the Heights


Camp X is seated in the highest gorge in the world between the Himalayan giants Mt Annapurna and MT Dhualagiri, two of the world’s highest and toughest peaks.

This camp is designed for top-level athletes to experience a unique performance level training camp in one of the most beautiful locations in the world; all off-road.

Train together with Nepal’s best on remote Himalayan trails hidden by the world’s highest peaks.

Stretch your physical limits in a breathtaking environment and enjoy local authentic culture with delicious home-made food.

Designed for top-level athletes looking for a boost in performance in combination with a truly unique experience.

Our training sessions are guided by the Nepalese MTB champion and other members of the Nepal National team.

Day 0- Prep Day

Fly from Kathmandhu to Pokhara, and catch a glimpse of the white peaks surrounding your future training grounds.. In Pokhara set-up your bike and enjoy the atmosphere in the outdoor capital of Nepal on leisure ride.

Day 1- Base Camp I

After a scenic jeep ride, we will leave the last piece of asphalt behind us and embark on A grand 1st day, by tackling a near-continuous climb through the world’s deepest gorge.

Distance: 60km, 2150hm, 2600m max alt.

Day 2- Lake Loop

A fantastic mix of steep climbs, technical rocky sections, narrow flowing singletracks and fast pebbly river bed crossings. pick your favorite and we might throw in some repeat sections. Included is an option for a windy switchback climb to “peak” above 3000m, to help with the altitude adjustment.

Distance:  60km, 1800hm, 3100m max alt.

Day 3- Two Face

Today’s ride serves 2 mains; T-climb and Cliffhanger. As T-climb rises and rises towards the snow-capped giants, it is up to you to decide when to turn around. Cliffhanger will rattle your nerves and elevate your senses, extreme caution is recommended to complete this fantastic trail.

Distance: 60km, 2500hm, 3500 max alt.

Day 4- Rest

To optimally prepare for the days to come, It is time for recovery and bike maintenance.. There will be Options for short technical rides, skill clinics, hikes or trail runs in the morning. Don’t torget to feast on some extra apple pie.

Day 5- Base Camp II

Ready to get high? It is a short ride but impressive climb that will enter you into a high altitude desert world. Enjoy the scenery around this sacred site and take some time to Settle in to your new home for the next couple of days.

Distance: 35km, 1300hm, 3500m max alt.

Day 6- Lupra

After a 1st night at high altitude, we choose to ride a fantastic trail at lower altitude (all relative!). With some intervals around the ancient monastery to monitor the cardiovascular responses.Distance:   50km, 1500hm, 3900m max alt.

Day 7- Phalyak

A day of high altitude XCO action, with some great rocky trails in this remote corner of the world.

Distance: 50km, 1900hm, 4000m max alt.

Day 8- Rest

Recovery at altitude is slower, especially combined with some likely initial sleeping troubles and exertion. SO Time for some extra Recovery and bike maintenance. We recommend an (easy) hike in the shadows of the mighty Annapurna Massif to keep the blood flowing.

Day 9- Thorong-La

If you’re up for an extra adventure and the mountain permits us; Let’s try to reach the world’s highest pass at 5416m. We will ride up as far as possible and then continue on foot. Carry your bike up if you like a sweet downhill later on.Distance:  20km, 1800hm, 5416m max alt.Alternate – If you rather like to stay “low” and get a day of riding at 3500m, there are still some great trails to explore in this desolate arena.

Distance: 50km, 2000hm, 3900m max alt.

Day 10- Flying

Time to pack-up and head back towards BC-1. But not before we tackle a challenging uphill ride and some fast loops with amazing views. After a sweet downhill section we will tackle the ferocious winds blasting up the valley. Once at lower altitudes You’ll feel like flying.Distance:  45km, 700HM, 4000m max alt.

Day 11- Race Pace

The last day of riding at high altitude, so better make the best of it. we will test the legs and hit the highlights of the 1st few days at race pace.Distance:   60km, 1800hm, 3100m max alt.

Day 12- Brake Pad

Some baby-climbing before we leave the wide valley behind us and embark on an incredible descent. the dusty undulating tracks are perfect for high pacing. The jeep will take us back to Pokhara, where the pool and a massage is waiting.Distance:   50km, 550hm, 2600m max alt.

Day 13- Travel day

Fly from Pokhara to Kathmandu, and onwards. During your travel home, Take good care of the strong legs you have built through hard work over the last 12 days. For sure on the plane home you will look back on a great experience..

MTB Nepal is looking forward to guide you this Fall. September onward is great season to bike this tour. Contact us to schedule your biking tour and price inquiries.