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Welcome to MTB Nepal the Heart of Nepali Mountain Biking

A top-notch company run by the best mountain bikers in Nepal. We offer performance tours, coaching and high altitude training camps

Performance Tours

Performance Tours focus on riders who are looking to explore Nepal’s mountain bike trips at a high-level. Incorporated into the tours, which are led by our race-level guides, are coaching tips, adventure side-trail options, and pick-your-pace as you go. Click image above for more details on our three unique Performance Tours- Kathmandu to Pokhara & back, the Annapurnas and the new gem around Mt Manaslu.


MTB Nepal’s founder, Ajay Pandit Chhetri, is Nepal’s ace mountain biker. A 5-Time National Champion, 5-Time winner of the Yak Attack, one of the toughest races in the world, UCI World Marathon Championship participant, and winner of many more races in Nepal and worldwide.  His experience, and international coaching affiliations, enable him to create world class coaching plans for athletes.

Camp X- High Altitude Training Camp

Camp X situated in the planet’s highest gorge is the world’s most unique altitude training camp. Based in Mustang District, the camp combines altitude performance with world-class singletrack, daily views of the Himalayas, world-class coaches, and the comforts needed to perform. Achieve your ultimate performance goal under the majestic bliss of the Himalayas.

Nutrition Products and More

MTB Nepal is the official representative of Torq Fitness in Nepal. We offer their full array of nutrition products to improve your performance. We also offer additional products in this category.

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